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After fire, flood or storm, Gealy’s is by your side to complete any electrical work to get your home or business back on its feet.

Natural disasters can be devastating, causing catastrophic damage to houses, offices, warehouses and public infrastructure. If you’ve experienced fire or flooding in your home or business, and need a qualified electrician to assess the safety and functionality of your electrical system, give Gealy’s a call. Our experienced team members are well versed in insurance repairs, and understand how to get your property back up and running. Get in touch today!

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Patricia Smith
Patricia Smith
24 December 2021
Great company to deal with. Prompt service
Michael Ramsay
Michael Ramsay
21 December 2021
Great service, good value. These guys are great. Good sense of humor as well!!
Timothy Cobb
Timothy Cobb
20 June 2021
Excellent service on our AC install in Cootharaba. Professional at every point. Would highly recommend this outfit. They put AC into our 30 year old home. They did the electrical and the AC install! Great job!
Darren Lawry
Darren Lawry
30 November 2020
The guys installed my new aircon , very easy to deal with, polite, explained everything for me. I'm very happy
john arrowsmith
john arrowsmith
16 September 2020
prompt & punctual visit for small domestic repair. Some confusion as Travel Tme [1/2hr in my case] added to bill,unlike some other local operators ,although as advertised no 'call out 'fee ,which is a separate item .
Dean Martin
Dean Martin
11 September 2020
These guys were absolutely amazing. From first speaking with them to them finishing the job, every step was professionally dealt with and i am very very please with the work they did

What happens if your home’s electrical system is exposed to water?

If a home’s electrical system is exposed to water, it can cause various problems, such as:


Corrosion: Water can cause rusting, pitting or flaking of the metal parts of the electrical equipment, wiring and grounding system. This can reduce the conductivity, efficiency and lifespan of the electrical components.

Short circuit: Water can create a low-resistance path for the current to flow between different parts of the electrical system or to the ground. This can cause sparks, arcs, overheating or fire.

Shock or electrocution: Water can make the electrical system or the surrounding surfaces live with electricity. This can pose a serious risk of electric shock or electrocution to anyone who touches them.

Malfunction: Water can affect the performance and functionality of the electrical equipment, devices and appliances. This can cause them to stop working, work intermittently or work incorrectly.

How do you repair the electrics in flood-damaged houses?

Repairing a building’s electrical systems after flood damage is a complex and potentially dangerous task that requires the expertise of a licensed electrician from Gealy’s Electrical. Here are some steps that need to be taken by the property owner and the electricians in response to significant floor or water damage:


Don’t assume it’s safe to enter: Flood water can carry live electricity from damaged wires, appliances, or equipment. It can also be contaminated with sewage, chemicals, or debris. Stay away from the flooded area until the power is turned off by the utility company or a qualified electrician like Gealy’s Electrical.

A fresh start: In most cases, submerged wiring, outlets, switches, circuit breakers, fuses, and other electrical components in a flooded building need to be replaced. Water can corrode, short-circuit, or damage these parts beyond repair. Even if they seem to work after drying out, they may pose a fire or shock hazard in the future.

Everything must go: Any appliances or electronics that took on at least a few inches of water will likely need to be replaced as well. Water can ruin the internal circuits, motors, and controls of these devices. Some equipment may be salvageable if the manufacturer or an authorised agent can evaluate and repair it, but this is not guaranteed.

Conductive building material: Any metal foil insulation, metal sarking, or other conductive material in the ceiling, roof, or walls may have been damaged or dislodged by the flood water and may now present an electrical risk. An electrician should check and test these materials before reconnecting the power supply.

Safety switches: Safety switches are devices that automatically cut off the electricity supply when they detect a fault or leakage of current. They are essential for protecting people and property from electric shocks and fires. If a safety switch is disconnected or damaged by the flood water, it must be replaced before the circuits protected by it are energised. Master Electricians Australia recommends that all circuits be protected by safety switches.

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