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Gealy’s Electrical offers expert repair services for residential, commercial and industrial properties.

Gealy’s Electrical is the Sunshine Coast’s trusted partner for all your electrical repair needs. Whether you need to fix a faulty outlet, replace a broken switch, or upgrade your wiring system, we have the skills and experience to handle any job – big or small. Our entire team is licensed and insured, and we follow all the safety standards and regulations. We also provide free estimates and a 24/7 emergency service for your convenience, ensuring cost effective solutions every time. Contact us today and let us take care of your electrical problems.

Our Google Reviews:
Patricia Smith
Patricia Smith
24 December 2021
Great company to deal with. Prompt service
Michael Ramsay
Michael Ramsay
21 December 2021
Great service, good value. These guys are great. Good sense of humor as well!!
Timothy Cobb
Timothy Cobb
20 June 2021
Excellent service on our AC install in Cootharaba. Professional at every point. Would highly recommend this outfit. They put AC into our 30 year old home. They did the electrical and the AC install! Great job!
Darren Lawry
Darren Lawry
30 November 2020
The guys installed my new aircon , very easy to deal with, polite, explained everything for me. I'm very happy
john arrowsmith
john arrowsmith
16 September 2020
prompt & punctual visit for small domestic repair. Some confusion as Travel Tme [1/2hr in my case] added to bill,unlike some other local operators ,although as advertised no 'call out 'fee ,which is a separate item .
Dean Martin
Dean Martin
11 September 2020
These guys were absolutely amazing. From first speaking with them to them finishing the job, every step was professionally dealt with and i am very very please with the work they did

Emergency electricians

When you have an electrical emergency, you need a reliable and professional electrician who can respond quickly and efficiently. That’s why Gealy’s Electrical offers 24/7 emergency electrical repair services on the Sunshine Coast. We can handle any electrical issue, and we will restore your safety and comfort as soon as possible. Don’t let an electrical emergency ruin your day or night. Call Gealy’s Electrical and we will be there in no time!

Our repair services

Gealy’s Electrical has the capability to repair electrical systems or devices in both residential and commercial properties. Our repair services include:


 All power & lighting installations
 Fans & exhausts
 Electrical faults
 Switchboard upgrades
 RCD & circuit breakers
Smoke alarms
TV, surround sound & theatres
 Appliance repairs
 And much more!

Electrical Repair FAQs

What are some common electrical problems that require repairs?

Some of the common electrical problems that may require repairs are:


  • Flickering or dimming lights
  • Tripping circuit breakers or blown fuses
  • Burning smell or sparks from outlets or switches
  • Loose or exposed wires
  • Damaged or faulty appliances
  • No power or low voltage
  • Hot or buzzing outlets or switches
  • Broken or faulty smoke alarms


These problems can indicate serious electrical issues that may pose a fire or shock hazard. If you notice any of these signs, you should call a Gealy’s Electrical as soon as possible to fix them.

How do I know if I need a switchboard upgrade or repair?

Your switchboard is the main control panel for your electrical system. It distributes the power from the main supply to the different circuits in your home or business. If your switchboard is old, damaged or overloaded, it may not be able to handle the increased demand for electricity from modern appliances and devices. This can cause frequent power outages, tripping circuit breakers, overheating wires and fire risks.


Some signs that you may need a switchboard upgrade or repair are:


  • Your switchboard is more than 20 years old
  • Your switchboard has ceramic fuses instead of safety switches
  • Your switchboard has asbestos backing
  • Your switchboard is rusty, corroded or cracked
  • Your switchboard makes humming or buzzing noises
  • Your switchboard has scorch marks or melted wires


If you experience any of these issues, you should contact our Sunshine Coast electricians to inspect and upgrade or repair your switchboard.

How can I prevent electrical faults and accidents?

Electrical faults and accidents can be prevented by following some simple safety tips, such as:


  • Regularly check and test your smoke alarms, safety switches and surge protectors
  • Avoid overloading your power points and extension cords
  • Unplug appliances when not in use or when leaving home
  • Keep electrical cords away from heat, water and sharp objects
  • Replace damaged or worn out cords, plugs and sockets
  • Hire a licensed electrician for any electrical work, installation or repair


By following these tips, you can reduce the risk of electrical fires, shocks and injuries.

How often should I have my electrical system inspected and maintained?

It is recommended that you have your electrical system inspected and maintained by a qualified electrician at least once every five years. This will ensure that your system is safe, efficient and compliant with the current standards and regulations. An electrical inspection and maintenance service may include:


  • Checking and testing your wiring, outlets, switches, lights and appliances
  • Checking and testing your switchboard, safety switches, circuit breakers and fuses
  • Checking and testing your smoke alarms, surge protectors and earthing system
  • Identifying and fixing any potential electrical hazards or faults
  • Providing a detailed report and certificate of compliance


Having your electrical system inspected and maintained regularly can help you avoid costly repairs, prevent electrical emergencies and extend the lifespan of your equipment.

Why should I choose Gealy’s Electrical for my electrical repairs?

Gealy’s Electrical is a locally owned and operated business that has been providing quality electrical services on the Sunshine Coast for over 10 years. We have a local, mobile team of highly skilled and experienced electricians who can handle any type of electrical repair job. We offer:


  • Prompt service and 24/7 emergency response
  • Free quotes and competitive prices
  • Senior and pensioner discounts
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Fully licensed and insured service
  • Professional service and outstanding workmanship

ELEC Lic: 86746

24 hr Emergency Electricians

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